About Olymp'Arts Alliance


The OLYMP'ARTS Alliance (OAA), established by the International OLYMP'ARTS Committee, aims to establish a worldwide arts consortium to promote the impact of OLYMP'ARTS and achieve the goal of reviving the “OLYMP'ARTS” by using the arts as a common global cultural language, under the tenet of OLYMP'ARTS values.

The OAA is managed by the International OLYMP'ARTS Committee Executive Board(IOACEB), which is responsible for the OLYMP'ARTS Alliance Committee(OAAC) in each country. The IOACEB appoints an IOACEB member to serve as the President of the OAA and establishes the OLYMP'ARTS Alliance Management Committee.

Each country shall set up an OLYMP'ARTS Alliance Committee, and the Secretary-General is the highest position of the Alliance Committee. The OAAC of each country is initiated by the OLYMP'ARTS co-organizer, including artists, art organizations and other members.

The members of the OLYMP'ARTS Alliance shall be engaged in the the arts, or have a passion for the arts, and have sufficient influence in the industry they are engaged in; its members may be artists and art organizations that manage or develop one or more art forms.

Establishment of the Olymp'Arts Alliance Committee

To apply for for the establishment of the OLYMP'ARTS Alliance Committee, the co-organizers of OLYMP'ARTS shall submit an application to the IOACEB, and submit all the conditions that can prove that the applicant meets all the requirements stipulated in the "OLYMP'ARTS Regulations".

● The applicant must prove that he or she has carried out specific, genuine and influential artistic activities, public service initiatives, etc., at the national and international levels.

● Must prove their achievements and influence in the respective artistic field or industry in which they are engaged.

● It is required to submit the plans and goals for the establishment of the OLYMP'ARTS Alliance Committee, as well as the proposal for adding value to the OLYMP'ARTS.

● For the establishment and specific rights and interests of the OLYMP'ARTS Alliance Committee, please contact us by email:

Responsibilities of the Alliance Committee

The mission of the OLYMP'ARTS Alliance Committee is to promote the development and impact of the OLYMP'ARTS in the country and the revival of the OLYMP'ARTS. In order to achieve this mission, the OLYMP'ARTS Alliance Committee needs to work on the following aspects.

● Cooperate in the preparation of the OLYMP'ARTS Competition, recommend the organizers of the OLYMP'ARTS Competition to recruit artists and art lovers in their countries to participate in the OLYMP'ARTS Competition. Establish a high academic and professional authority image for OLYMP'ARTS.

● Build a network of artists and art organizations in the country where it is located, establishes a resource pool of artistic talents, and undertakes the responsibility of academic guidance and evaluation of the OLYMP'ARTS competition programs.

● Establish brand cooperation with top art competitions/exhibitions/events in the country. Provide financial support, project implementation and access to resources for the OLYMP'ARTS Foundation.

● Organize Olymp'Arts activities in the country to ensure the sustainable development of OLYMP'ARTS. Encourage the development of high-level arts, and strive to expand universal arts for all.

Classification of the Olymp'Arts Alliance Committee

Olymp'Arts Alliance conducts corresponding classification management according to the current 18 disciplines and countries of the Olymp'Arts Alliance. Corresponding artists and art organizations can apply to join Olymp'Arts Alliance and enjoy various policies and activities of the International Olymp'Arts Committee and Olymp'Arts Alliance.

● Based on the artists registered on the official website of the International Olymp'Arts Committee, the members of the alliance will integrate and link global artist resources. In the future, according to the development of the Olymp'Arts Alliance, it will cover different types of supporting artists, cooperative artists, and agency artists.

● The members of the alliance art organization take the art field of the Olymp'Arts Competition as the integration direction, link different types of art institutions, enterprises and institutions, continuously expand the membership system, integrate marketing in a full range, and exchange and transform the value of resources.

● The alliance has the right to integrate, display and promote member information, and members of the alliance have the right to enjoy alliance resources and preferentially participate in alliance activities on a priority basis.

Join the Olymp'Arts Alliance Membership

Applicants applying to join the OLYMP'ARTS Alliance, whether they are artists or art organizations, shall respect the fundamental principle and values of OLYMP'ARTS, be committed to public service and abide by the "OLYMP'ARTS Charter".

● Applicants need to submit the Alliance Application Form Application Form  and and the following files to the IOAC official email:, and wait for the official notification of approval.

● Artist should submit: artist profile, artistic resume, and portfolio.

● Art organizations should submit: official documents, past cases, or other project proposals.