Cooperative Principles

At present, the International OLYMP'ARTS Committee has established cooperative partnerships with more than 100 official institutions and international organizations in 60 countries, as well as numerous foundations and other similar organizations. We have also been joining hands with global cooperative partners on a series of international, regional and national activities.

Official partnership brings special rights in cooperation with the Organization. Such partnership is not only an authentication, but also a deep-level cooperation and a mutual development. Official partnership arrangements include bilateral and multilateral collaboration.

We shall integrate all field expertise and resources advantages in order to achieve the following objectives:

Establishing the Art Strategic Alliance

Improving the efficient organization of art conferences

Enhancing organization visibility at the global, regional, and national levels

Strengthening implementation and supervision of the normative framework

Enhancing organizational capacity and exercising fuller contact with expected beneficiaries in various art fields

Multiplying the effectiveness of the International OLYMP'ARTS Committee initiative

——International OLYMP'ARTS Committee

Requirements for Cooperating Partners

Any international, regional, national or local NGO may become an official partner of OLYMP'ARTS, providing its purposes, functions, structure and operation are non-governmental, democratic and non-profit. Generally speaking, the NGO should fulfil the following conditions:
*Be engaged in activities in one or more fields specific to the International OLYMP'ARTS Committee, working in a spirit of cooperation, tolerance and solidarity, in the interests of humankind and with respect for cultural identities.
*Enjoy a recognized legal status, an established headquarters and be governed by democratically adopted statutes.
*Have existed and been involved in relevant work for at least two years by the time partnership is proposed.

Application Process


Material Preparation

The organization's legal existence certificate, introduction and business scope outreach materials, and the latest activity report in the past two years.

Material Submission

Please click the application form to download and fill it out completely, and submit it together with the above materials to the official mailbox of the International OLYMP'ARTS

Official Verification

We will review the relevant materials and certificates submitted and reply with opinions via email.

Pass the Verification

The verification email confirms effective establishment of cooperative partnership.